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The Liquid Vinyl System


LV House Wrap is a three coat Liquid Vinyl System consisting of our primer and two topcoats. From our initial visit to your home or business through to our follow up appointment, the application process consists of six steps.

Step One: Inspection

Our experienced crews will perform an inspection of your home or building in order to assess the steps needed for surface preparation. This will depend on both the surface material and the building’s condition.

Step Two: Surface Preparation

All surfaces are prepared for the three-coat Liquid Vinyl System. This includes:

- thoroughly pressure washing the exterior of the building to remove any contaminants to ensure the primer will adhere to the surface
- remove old flakey paint, scraping and sanding any rough surfaces that could prevent adhesion
- repairing or replacing damaged surfaces.

- caulking surface cracks and around windows and doors as necessary.

Step Three: Primer

Our primer is the first of three coats in the Liquid Vinyl System. The primer serves as a base coat to which the topcoats will bond. This ensures that the topcoats will adhere to the building’s surface, providing a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

Step Four: Liquid Vinyl Topcoat

The second coat in the Liquid Vinyl System is the liquid vinyl topcoat. This coat is applied thickly and meticulously in order to fill all of the cracks and grooves created by the texture of the surface material. This ensures smooth, even coverage and a gorgeous thick finish.

Step Five: Liquid Vinyl Topcoat (Second Coat)

A second coat of our liquid vinyl system topcoat is applied to finish off the three-coat process. This coat ensures complete coverage and adds a rich depth to the look of the finish.

Step Six: Inspection

Once we have completed the liquid vinyl system application, a final clean up and inspection of your home or building will take place to make sure you are completely satisfied with the finished product. At this time, you will be issued a written manufacturers product warranty and written labour guarantee to ensure that your home exterior is protected.

Inspections are performed throughout the liquid vinyl application process to ensure that each step has been completed to both our and your satisfaction.


"Just a quick note to let you know we are very pleased with the house/paint color and work. Thank you

- Pia

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