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Liquid Vinyl Siding  Product Bulletin - July 3rd, 2014

Technical Data

MFO Home Improvements Ltd

Product called LV House Wrap


General Description

 LV House Wrap Liquid Vinyl Siding is a system of superior internal plasticized 100% acrylic elastomeric coating formulated for using on masonry, concrete, stucco, wood, and even vinyl siding with primer, topcoats of white base and deep base. Its outstanding adhesion, low temperature flexibility, durability and water sealing characteristics make it the coating of choice for bridging hairline cracks, and protecting from wind driven rain. Coating itself expands and contracts with temperature variations to maintain a waterproof barrier. Breathable film also allows moisture vapor within the substrate to escape without blistering or peeling. LV House Wrap Liquid Vinyl Siding topcoat contains UV absorber and stabilizer for achieving excellent weathering and color retention properties, a fungicide for adding mildew resistance on the dried film and fire retarder ingredient for providing good fireproofing.


 For exterior use on a variety of substrates including masonry, concrete, stucco, wood, even vinyl siding. For achieving good performance and film build of 12-16 mils DFT, 3 coats is required, 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of topcoat in your choice of color.


This product will freeze and is water soluble prior to curing, consequently, newly applied material must be protected against frost or rain. Do not allow product in containers to freeze.

 Physical Properties

Vehicle Type - 100% Acrylic
Colour - White and Custom Colors
Finish - Low Sheen
Solids by Weigtht - approximately 55%
Density - 1.33 kg/litre (11.1 lb. per U.S. gallon)
Viscosity - 20,000 cps (@ 23 ºC, 6 rpm, Spindle # 64)
Drying Time @ 23ºC, 50%R.H. - Tack Free: 2-4 Hours
Recoat: 6-8 Hours
Elongation - >420 %
Suggested Film Thickness - Minimum wet film 20-25 mils
Minimum dry film 10-12mils
Theoretical Coverage

Primer - 160-210 sq ft per Gallon
Top Coat (per coat) - 110-135 sq ft per Gallon
V.O.C. - Less than 10 grams/Litre

Preparation and Repair

The surface to be coated must be clean dry and free from all dirt, oil, grease excessive chalk, efflorescence, form release agents, loose paints, and other foreign matter.
Caulk all cracks greater than 1/8 inch with most appropriate elastomeric patching compound and allow to cure. All expansion and control joints should be sealed with suitable sealants. Cracked mortar joints should be replaced and tuck-pointed with new mortar. Allow mortar to fully cure before applying LV House Wrap Liquid Vinyl Siding.
Remove mildew by scrubbing with an EPA registered solution to kill mildew or mold bacteria, rinse with clean and allow to dry thoroughly.
New concrete, Stucco, Concrete Block substrates should cure 7-12 days. Allow additional curing time during humid or cooler weather.



Do not thin. Remove any skin on top of coating in container and stir thoroughly. Apply with a roller or brush or airless spray equipment with tips: 0.021’’ – 0.025’’. Spray application is recommended to achieve proper wet film build. One primer and two coats are recommended. Apply two top coats at 12 - 15 mils wet build to achieve 6 - 8 mils dry film thickness per coat. Allow 4 - 8 hours for drying between coats.

Weather Guidelines
Liquid Vinyl Siding is best applied at between 50 - 90F (10 - 32C) with no forecast of rain for 24 hours, relative humidity should be below 90%. Apply early in the day for maximum daylight drying time. 

Clean with water immediately after use.
Caution/First Aid
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Call a physician or poison control center immediately.


As the manufacturer does not have control of the application process and conditions, liability is limited to the replacement of proven defective product.



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