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Testing Results


Our product has had over 1.5 years of thorough testing and is one of the most durable on the market.  

LV House Wrap has the best flame spread rating of any liquid vinyl in North America.                             


Great for buildings and cabins near lakes, oceans and remote areas!        



               Chemical Engineers Report     

                          2x more breathable than paint!                                        



LV House Wrap

Engineered 2009/10

Permeance 14.1
Elongation at Break Average 428%
Tensile Strength 296 psi
Cold Temperature Flexibility Passed
Fungus and Mildew Resistance No fungal or algae growth
Adhesion Passed
Water Vapor Transmission 15.1
Accelerated Weathering 4000 hrs. Passed
Wind Driven Rain Passed
Shore A Hardness 33
Flame Spread 5/0




"Coating our wall with grey LV House Wrap completely enhanced the look of the rocks in the wall."

"We totally endorse this product."

- Garry and Selma

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