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What is Liquid Vinyl?


LV House Wrap is a highly effective weatherproof sealant that provides long lasting protection for your home. It is not only resistant to water permeation but can also seal cracks, increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Liquid vinyl is also exceptionally flexible, allowing it to expand and contract in changing temperatures; this helps to prevent new cracks from forming in your walls. Liquid vinyl is an extremely versatile exterior coating that can be used on wood, stucco, masonry, and metal.

Liquid vinyl is a practical paint alternative for many types of buildings including hospitals, schools, offices, churches, condos, and single family residences. It is often used on structures that are difficult to maintain due to harsh conditions or remoteness. A number of well-known buildings and structures have been coated with liquid vinyl. These include:

- Historic1894 home New Westminister, BC

- Historic 1910 home Chilliwack, BC

- Bentall Center, Vancover B.C
- Westin Bayshore, Vancouver B.C.
- The Peace Arch, White Rock B.C.
- Science World, Vancouver B.C.
- American Consul General Residence, Vancouver, B.C. 

Liquid Vinyl History

Liquid vinyl siding was developed in the 1960's in England for use on masonry finishes to solve their serious leeching problem. In 1987, the rights were acquired for manufacturing for the United States. At this time, extensive research was conducted in areas with extreme annual temperature and climate ranges. The product was tested in Canada where it exceeded expectations. It was also tested in Hawaii where wood frame structures deteriorate rapidly in the tropical climate, salt air, and rain. This gave the product a full range of application results from extreme cold to the warm, moist, salt environment, and the arid heat.  



Liquid vinyl is now gaining popularity in the residential market.








"I love the new color of my 1894 heritage house. Thanks Mark. "

- Bonnie S.

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